#43 PDC2.7 bccdos.mak, demos crash with BC4.0



I compiled PDCurses 2.7 with Borland 4.02 using
makefile dos/bccdos.mak. I try to build 16 DOS executables.
Everything builds without problem, the libraries and
the demo programs.

But when I start a demo program they all crash with an
illegal instruction.

I have used Borland 4 also with PDCurses 2.5 and 2.6.
There everything worked fine. So I put some stuff from
the bccdos.mak of pdcurs2.6 back into bccdos.mak. After
that the demos ran fine.

I have attached the fixed makefile.

best regards,

Erwin Waterlander


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    OK, the problem was that Borland 4 didn't choose the right
    memory model automatically. (Now that I think of it, maybe
    earlier versions didn't either, and I just happen to have
    the large model set as my own default? Hmm.) The fix is to
    add "-m$(MODEL)" to the exe build lines; no need to revert
    to pre-2.7 methods. :-) (The advantage of this method, vs.
    2.6 and earlier, is that it avoids the need to edit the
    makefile to specify the location of the compiler.)

    The fix is now in CVS, but I'll also attach it here.

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  • MODEL fix

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    I verified it. It works.

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