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#42 add control to uvc devices on linux

Cyrille Henry

most webcam are using uvc driver on linux. this drivers allow control over diferents parametters of the camera (lighting / gamma / etc).
it would be nice to be able to control this parametters from a Gem patch.
by example, to be able to remove auto luminausity is very important for tracking...


  • i totally agree.
    the problem is mainly to stay consistently across the increasing number of backends for Gem's video-capture (e.g. how to make sure that all backends use the same names for features; what about features that don't exist on a certain platform?)

    i'm currently thinking of a way to query the available parameters for the current device and make this available within the patch), so you could write a patch that generates the "dialog" to control what's controllable

  • here is a screenshot of how GridFlow's camera settings used to look like : http://gridflow.ca/gallery/%23camera-2009.png

    black-on-grey is for read-only things ; grey-on-grey is for disabled things ; blue is for enabled things.

    the dialogue is still pretty much the same, but some settings have been added, some have been removed, and the camera selector is much different now.

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