#40 support for GiGE cams


support for cameras using the "GigE Vision" (video over gigabit ethernet)

unfortunately it seems like there is no standardized (and free) implementation of GigE Vision.
prosilica offers at least an SDK (for all platforms): http://www.prosilica.com/products/gige_sdk.html


  • JordiPuig

    Hi IOhannes,

    I have one Prosilica with me and I would like to get it working on PD. do you have any code started? i can test it on Mac and Windows.


  • the problem with GiGE, is of course that the standard is not open, so people cannot a) build devices according to the GiGE standard and b) build APIs supporting the GiGE standard if they are not part of the AIA committee.[1]

    however, there is a commercial API available from MVtec called "HALCON" [2], that should be able to grab GiGE-cameras (and other cool stuff).
    you can purchase their framework for $$$ (or get a free (as in beer) evaluation license (lasting only a short period of time)).

    i have done the latter and implemented a videoHALCON backend for [pix_video], which seems to work so far (at least on linux)
    it comes with a README to get you going.

    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GigE_vision
    [2] http://www.mvtec.com/halcon/

  • if it doesn't work, i would be happily accepting Prosilica's (and other GiGE's) to develop and test.

    contact me via email for postal instructions.

  • oh, and i have now added yet another backend called "videoAVT" which is supposed to work with Prosilica's "AVT GiGE SDK".
    it compiles nicely, but i have not tried whether it works at all.

    please test!
    if it doesn't work, either invest time to make it work, or send me a GiGE cam.

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