#220 [text3d] crashes PD if the letter "p" is typed


I'm using PD extednded 0.43.4 and have noticed that when using some fonts [text3d] will crash PD when a string with five or more characters is entered.

Font used is Beams: http://openfontlibrary.org/en/font/beams

And the error returned is:

pd: ../src/libtess/priorityq.c:164: __gl_pqSortInit: Assertion `((((GLUvertex *)**(i+1))->s < ((GLUvertex *)**i)->s) || (((GLUvertex *)**(i+1))->s == ((GLUvertex *)**i)->s && ((GLUvertex *)**(i+1))->t <= ((GLUvertex *)**i)->t))' failed. Pd: signal 6

I using a Dell XPS 13 developer edition running Ubuntu 13.10 with Intel® Ivybridge Mobile graphics and Intel® Core™ i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz × 4 processors

I've attached a patch and the font file for testing

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  • Anonymous

    The kind people at Fontforge have identified a number of problems with this font that may help solve this issue and also address issues in Pure Data:

    As others have said, the font itself has a number of glyphs which
    self-intersect, which would certainly cause problems if you're trying to
    extrude them to 3D.

    The Fontforge validator uncovered the errors detailed in the attached image (I couldn't get plain text output)

    Should GEM attempt to render self-intersecting glyphs instead of just crashing?

  • thanks for figuring out the problem.

    anyhow: my opinion is that Gem is not at fault here.

    Gem uses FTGL for font rendering (FTGL in turn uses libfreetype to decide the font), and it seems that it is really FTGL that is crashing.

    doing a quick check with FTGLDemo (2.1.3~rc5) shows that FTGL is indeed crashing:
    - start ./FTGLDemo /path/to/Beams.ttf
    - (rendering seems to work though there are a lot of artefacts)
    - type Left (ARROW-LEFT to decrease font-size)
    - CRASH

    alternatively running ./FTGLMFontDemo /path/to/Beams.ttf immediately crashes.

    the problem persists with the current SVN version of FTGL.

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • forwarded the bug to FTGL

    • labels: --> linux, text3d, crash
    • Group: linux --> 0.93.3


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