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#199 [pix_film] breaks Pd

3 days ago
João Pais

I'm trying to load a film into [pix_film], but that makes Pd shut down. Is there a way of sending a bug report or something?
The system is XP, both Pd 0.42-ext and 0.43-ext. It makes the same with any film file, either from the Gem examples, or something else.


  • you are using the official channel to submit bugreports. there is *no other* way...

    anyhow, please answer the following:

    what's your version of Gem?

    which film-plugins do you have installed (check for files called gem_film*.dll besides your Gem.dll)?
    what happens if you uninstall those plugins (that is: move them to another place)
    re-enable the plugins one-by-one (copy them back besides your Gem.dll), and check (and report) which plugin makes your system crash.
    once you established, which plugin crashes, check whether you have some special setup regarding the given backend (e.g. filmQT fails, and you have a broken QuickTime installation)

  • João Pais
    João Pais


    I'm not at the computer, but I think I can answer. It's pd-ext 0.42.5, so I would say it has GEM: ver: 0.92.3 compiled: Mar 15 2010 in it.

    this came from the person using the computer:
    "there is no gem_film*.dll on the computer
    but unfortunately at the time we use an old quicktime version on this machine ( qt 6.5x)
    because of another software.
    we can update quicktime to the latest version 7.6 ? least temporarily mnm/huma should run."

    A new installation of Gem isn't necessary, right? it's probably an issue with the system?




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