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WavServ 0.2.0 Plans

After years of inactivity, the WavServ team is pleased to announce the plans for WavServ 0.2.0! This release will add new features, fix many bugs currently present in the 0.1.x series, and become more stable. A short-list of features is below!

  • More Directory Server options
  • Ability to separate directory and chat servers
  • Link multiple directory servers together
  • Restrict IRC clients
  • Automatic update notification... read more
Posted by Andy 2009-02-02

WavServ 0.1.2 PR1 Released

WavServ 0.1.2 Periodic Release 1 has been released. This periodic release is a major improvement over the previous release, featuring new commands PROP, TOPIC, PASS, and KICK, modes +r (registered) and +t (chanops set topic). This release also fixes a bug (#873544) where the user modes of a user (q/o/v) do not "stick" when another user joins the room, providing for true user mode functionality. Other bug fixes in this release include KICK, which now correctly kicks the user in the channel instead of the user issuing the command. MODE has been fixed which now prevents users from crashing webchat users by using malformed MODE commands and adding a check to see if a user has privileges before issuing a MODE command (so a user and op themselves without a key). In addition, I have made several other minor fixes in order to make WavServ more RFC1459 (IRC specification) compliant as well. To download, please go to our download area and select the file WavServ_012_PR1.exe and run the file to install or update your copy of WavServ as needed.
For more information on other changes made in this release, please see the Release Notes on SF or see the file changes.txt in your WavServ install folder.
Thanks for using WavServ!

Posted by Reid Burke 2004-01-12

WavServ 0.1.2 Released

I have just released the installer for WavServ. The source will be available for download from the CVS.

Posted by Andy 2003-12-30

Important Information

Please do not use any WavServ version from the CVS. They are to be considered old and outdated. Please wait until I make a new CVS commit under the name WavServ.

Posted by Andy 2003-12-20

WavServ Web Interface

airwalklogik is now writing the PHP interface for WavServ. You may goto http://www.gameway.org/Airwalk for more information on his site, and what he is doing with the PHP interface for WavServ.

Posted by Andy 2003-12-17

New Developer

I have added airwalklogik as our newest developer. He will be helping with the PHP interface.

Posted by Andy 2003-12-16

PHP Help Needed

I need help with our web admin system. Please email pctgroup@users.sourceforge.net if you are interested.

Posted by Andy 2003-12-09

Inital CVS Commit

I made a new CVS Commit of ProChat. This version contains some support for modes, and fully supports the MSN Chat Control. A nightly tarball will be made tonight.

Posted by Andy 2003-12-09