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Split effort and plugin development.

  • Mikael Öhman
    Mikael Öhman

    I was feeling a bit depressed about the messy state of psx emulators and I was thinking I'd look into this as my spare time developement again. (Some time ago I wrote some improvements to dfbinimage, but it seems to be forgotten, although it did have technical advantages.
    I was thinking i'd start looking into if it was possible to create one single, best, cd image plugin, but now I'm a bit torn. I see pcsx-reloaded has gained some more momentum, while development here is rather stale. I also see developers from both places post on both codeplex and here… So what is the deal? Looks like some split effort here. I'd rather not bother to register at codeplex.

    I plan on updating and improving the cd image plugin (perhaps built in ecm, support for iso's and bin+cue, perhaps img), and I hope you are all interested in actually including it by default.

    I also wanted to shout out, in case there is someone else working on something similar already.

  • Andrew Burton
    Andrew Burton

    Duplication of effort is certainly not ideal ;)

    pcsx-df has stagnated a little in relation to the core emulator, vs. pcsxr, and the lead dev on pcsxr was posting some patches to the core here, but they weren't being accepted. Probably the main reason for that is that the skills to assess patches for that section is just not there. He now has read/write access to the SVN repos here.

    With regards to the plugins, changes to dfbinimage would be fine since I don't think this is a plugin under active development in either project.

    In the future, the ideal state would be to merge code (and not use codeplex), and we are reasonably close - the only thing that is being done here is UI changes (by me), and those generally get synced occasionally by the pcsxr dev, whistler_wmz. I don't think we're quite there yet, though.

  • Wei Mingzhi
    Wei Mingzhi

    I do plan to merge back with pcsx-df in the future (and get rid of codeplex)… however currently the new gui still has some bugs which makes it mostly unusable so it would be better to wait until the things are sorted out (rather than keep bothering someone who is busy or mess with the stuff which I'm not really good at). ;)

    as for the cd image plugin, I think it may be better to be integrated into the core rather than keep the plugin separate… as it would be confusing for n00b users to switch plugins for images/CDs. Actually I saw numerous complaints about how pcsx does not "support" images on some other forums, which is not the case (just a matter of plugin).

  • Andrew Burton
    Andrew Burton

    Let me know which bugs you're encountering - more than happy to fix. I'm busy, but not too busy that I won't have time to fix particularly embarassing bugs. At the moment, things Work For Me, hence why I'm not actively making changes ;)

  • Mikael Öhman
    Mikael Öhman

    Good to hear we are all on the same page.
    I'm going to start working on the plugin in a while. It doesn't seem to be part of the SVN, so I think i'll just host something myself on github temporary, until you see fit to include it (perhaps merge it) into pcsx.