HLE Bios Games

  • Here is a few games i tried  with the hle bios that work.

    **Test System Specs.
    AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.0ghz
    Ati X550
    Western Digital 160 Harddisk
    512 Cosair Memory
    Realtek Hidefinition Audio Onboard

    Video driver = ATI Opensource 6.8

    Video Settings

    FPS Limit - On

    Sound Settings

    Volume - Low
    Reverb- Off
    Interpolation -Off
    Xa - On
    Adjust XA Speed On
    High Compatibility Mode - On
    SPU IRQ - Off
    Single Channel Audio -Off

    The Games are US-NTSC .bin/.cue images

    These were played from beginning to End.

    Battle Arena Toshinden - No Background music - HLE Bios

    Capcom VS SNK Pro - Rating 95% Sound stutters and minor video problems - HLE Bios

    Megaman X4 - Rating 98% - Minor sound problems HLE Bios

    Resident Evil - Rating 95% Minor sound stuttering & Discoloration (JILL) - HLE Bios

    Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Claire's Disk 1st Scenerio - Rating 92% Discoloration,sound stutters and in the ending plays two different audio files - HLE Bios

    Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Leons' Disk 2nd Scenerio - Rating 92% Discoloration and sound stutters - HLE Bios

    Ridge Racer Type 4 - Rating 95% Polygon tearing, sound switches on and off from left to right, and minor slowdown when you get a new car and can't save to memory card. - HLE Bios

    Xmen - Mutant Academy - Rating 95% - No background music  HLE Bios