SanDis Connect-Plus Card

  • Jouni Malinen
    Jouni Malinen

    The current development snapshot in Host AP driver CVS repository ( has support for SanDisk ConnectPlus cards. Please note that this card does not include firmware code, so both PRI and STA firmware images need to be loaded after driver initialization (see utils/hostap_fw_load for an example).

    So far, I have not been able to use both the wireless and flash parts at the same time, but both functions work separately.

    The problem of using both functions at the same time looks like something that could be in the pcmcia code, though. Regardless of the initialiation order, the driver (hostap_cs or ide-cs) that gets loaded after the other fails in RequestIO (pcmcia_request_io) with resources not being available.

    • David Hinds
      David Hinds

      It sounds like this card implements the dual functions using only a single set of PCMCIA configuration registers, rather than following the PCMCIA multifunction card specification.  That's common enough, but inconvenient; it means that you'll have to make driver modifications to get this to work, and can't just bind both the hostap_cs and ide-cs drivers.

      (cards that follow the multifunction spec have separate sets of configuration registers for each card function, and the drivers for each function don't need to be aware of the other functions at all; but for your card, there's just one set of registers.  So if one driver configures the card, the other has to retrieve and use the existing configuration)

      For network/serial drivers, what I've done is to treat the network driver as the "master" that configures the card, and the serial driver as the "slave", that first checks to see if the card is configured, and if so, just share the existing IO and interrupt mapping.  In this case, I'd make the hostap_cs driver the "master", so that it sets up the IO windows for both the network and flash sides, and then make ide-cs check for a configured card, and if so, reuse the exiting IO mapping.

      -- Dave

      • joy ping
        joy ping

        we, did also a hack for hostap some time ago to make the sandisk connect plus working (mainly 1stein did). due to lack of time i didn't posted it to the hostap list. i wasn't also really sure if the hack works with other cards too, cause a lot of timings were changed. but im happy that some functional code is now incorporated in the main hostap line. i tested it yesterday and it seems to work well, also with other cards.
        did someone now tried this master/slave solution, as mentioned? are there already existing examples wich uses this kind of setup?