Problem with Memory + IO Mode

Ajit Kumar
  • Ajit Kumar
    Ajit Kumar

    We are using PCI1520 which is sitting on PCI Bus 1 of Marvell System controller to interface compactflash card.
    Below is our configuration:
    Status Command reg(0x04) = 0xA100003
    CardBus socket/ExCA base address(0x10) = 0xF4220000
    CardBus Memory base register 0(0x1c) = 0xF4230000 and
    CardBus Memory limit register 0(0x20) = 0xF4238000
    CardBus I/O base register 0(0x2c) = 0xD0000000
    CardBus I/O limit register 0(0x30) = 0xD0008000
    System control(0x80) = 0x8443000
    So PCI1520 ExCA Registers are at: 0xF4220800 (config space offset 0x10 has the value 0xF4220000)
    ExCA Config is below:
    ExCA Address Window Enable Register(0x806) = 0xC1
    ExCA I/O Window Control Register(0x807) = 0x22

    With this configuration Card detection is happening properly and socket is powered up.
    Now we are not able to map the Compactflash memory(Both Attribute  and Common memory)
    1.What is the significance of ExCA regs at
        0x808 to 0x80F (I/O Windows)
        0x836 to 0x839 (I/O Windows)
        0x810 to 0x835 (Mem Windows)
        0x840 to 0x844 (Mem Windows)   
    2.We are not sure what values to be filled in the above ExCA regs to access the compactFlash card memory.
    Product is in release phase, we are struck up with these.
    Please help on these issues.