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Jerome Leclanche has written on Monday, 18 November, at 12:33:
>Is this available in pcmanfm-qt when rebuilding with latest libfm?
>J. Leclanche

    Nope. This is in pcmanfm (gtk), because it touches only GUI-related
settings so cannot be in libfm and therefore should be implemented in Qt
separatedly. I'm sorry.

No, I don't completely agree with this idea.
A better approach is modifying fm_app_config_get_config_for_path() to make it more generic. So it can return a GKeyFile instance or something similar instead of hard-coded argument list.Then, this can be put in libfm core.
By making this generic, any GUI implementor can read/write some config values associated with the folder easily. Libfm does not need to know the meaning of the key-value pairs. It just provides APIs to access them.
How to interpret the values is the job of pcmanfm and pcmanfm-qt.
The APIs may looks like the following:

FmFolderConfig* fm_path_dup_folder_config(FmPath* path);
char* fm_folder_config_get_value(FmFolderConfig*, const char* key);
void fm_folder_config_set_value(FmFolderConfig*, const char* key, const char* value);
void fm_folder_config_save(FmFolderConfig* config);
void fm_folder_config_ref(FmFolderConfig* config);
void fm_folder_config_unref(FmFolderConfig* config);

FmFolderConfig is a key-value dictionary object representing folder specific config values. Implementors of the GUIs can use this object to access folder-specific config values by keys they defined.
Inside FmFolderConfig, this can be implemented easily using GKeyFile.
This is more extensible and flexible. Also, the APIs are still useful outside pcmanfm.


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