#346 folder selection after "go to parent"


in this folder structure :
if I am in /a/c, I would like the folder c to be selected when I go back to a


  • This is something that I also really long for. Just to expand a bit on the example given by Macherel, this would be a typical use-case:

    1. Browsing a directory with lots of folders.
    2. Pressing ENTER to go down into one of then, let's call the folder DEMO.
    3. After work in DEMO is done, press BACKSPACE to go back up.
    4. Find that DEMO is automatically selected, making it easy to carry on the work.

    As it is now, step 4 doesn't exist. Instead nothing is selected and I am forced to find DEMO before being able to continue doing my work.

    (Not sure if it means anything here, but it could be noted that what Macharel and I propose is standard in Mac and Win, and also Nautilus if memory serves me right.)

  • The most probably you both miss the option "Focus previous folder after coming to its parent" in the Preferences, it's unset by default.
    P.S. That option is available since version 1.2.0.

    Last edit: Lonely Stranger 2015-05-25
  • Oh dear, you are quite right. That's the one, and it works like a charm. Might I suggest to make it default to have that set?

    Seems this feature request can be closed - thanks!

    • status: open --> closed
  • In regards of changing defaults it's generally a policy to never change default behavior, it's why the option was set to 'off' when it was introduced, to match former behavior. And I'm glad that you're satisfied now. :)