#255 file selection/activation interaction


PCManFM user interaction enhancement wishlist:

Enhancment A: Dynamic filter for file listing:
-user types cntrl-f to activate a filter textbox on the bottom of file listing
-user enters a regex string and the listing will dynamically filter the listing

Enhancement B: File selection...note: this applies to both single click and double click file activation
-left single/double mouse click (depending on the mode) on the filename only activates the application for that file (clicking anywhere else does nothing but clear the active selections).
-cntrl-click on filename selects it. (mouse click anywhere else will clear all active selections)
-cntrl-click on filename again deselects it
-cntrl-a selects all unselected items in the listing. cntrl-a again toggles actively selected items. (note: Enhancement A could be in effect showing a filtered list)
-continual depressed left mouse button anywhere in the listing other than the filename column will activate a graphic rectangle for multiple selections


  • bzb

    More detail:

    Regarding shift-(left mouse click) on single filename:
    1) If no prior selection exists
    -create selection for that item.
    2) If prior selection exists
    -perform a selection span accordingly

    The following key/mouse combination performs the same function. That is, show a reactangle and select all filenames that fall within the resulting boundary.

    shift-(left mouse continual depression)
    cntrl-(left mouse continual depression)
    left mouse continual depression

    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • Thank you very much.
    Your 'Enhancement B' implemented exactly as described with exception Ctrl+A does not invert selection but that function is bound to Ctrl+I.
    And Ctrl+F is bound to Find function. Filtering files is requested in the #2808064.