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#217 Show devices on the desktop

stephen smally

Pcmanfm should be able to show devices (already showed in the left pane) on the desktop, like thunar or nautilus.
an option to active or disactive this would be great.


Stephen Smally


  • Exactly the same should be done about other standard folders: Trash (visible always), Home (visible always), Documents (if not empty), Downloads (if not empty), etc.
    I think it should be in 'Advanced' tab of desktop preferences dialog and it should be area of checkboxes for each of those, i.e. something like:
    Show on desktop:
    system devices
    x plugged devices
    x trash folder
    x home directory shortcut
    not-empty documents folder
    x not-empty downloads folder
    not-empty pictures folder
    not-empty videos folder
    not-empty music folder

  • I'm afraid the mixed view mode (i.e. show some sidebar content together with ~/Desktop folder content) cannot be implemented in libfm for now. But not-mixed mode (showing only 'Places' sidebar content) is easier to implement.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> lstranger
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • This feature is implemented in current GIT sources for PCManFM.
    Thank you very much.