#159 Create Shortcut in Right-Click Menu


Thanks for fixing the "Create New Folder" problem and for fstab solution for partition mounting.

Lubuntu (and you) did a great job. However, one major weaknesses of the Lubuntu desktop is the lack of shortcuts. For new people, it is a turn off and important feature lacking. Could Pcmanfm offer a right-click menu option to at least create a symlink for files, folders, and applications (usr/share/applications: restricted folder, may need to create on desktop) either in same folder or, if not possible, in desktop folder by default (they could drag them wherever they want from there).

Other than this, I think that Lubuntu is very user friendly and usable, even for new people...



  • Denis Prost
    Denis Prost

    I second this, Ability to create symlinks is the main feature I miss in PCManFM.

  • Yes , hability to easily create symlinks is good. But what the bug reporter is asking he can do by simply right-clicking a menu item and creating the shortcut.
    For that he only needs to have pcmanfm taking care of the desktop.

  • Denis Prost
    Denis Prost

    If PCManFM could at least create symlinks on desktop, that would already be great. Then, as the bug reporter says, on can move it to wherever he wants.
    A step further would be the ability to create symlinks by drag'n'drop with Ctrl+Shift pressed, like in nautilus or thunar, but maybe I should do another feature request for that ?

  • PCMan

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  • Symbolic links can now be created by drop with Ctrl+Shift hold. Creating shortcut to existing application or whatever is another issue.

  • Denis Prost
    Denis Prost

    great, thanks !

    • status: open --> closed
  • Creating symlinks to applications may be not appropriate and even dangerous.
    Creating symlink is implemented now by dragging source file with Ctrl+Shift hold.
    Creating shortcuts to some application is implemented now in right-click menu.
    If some of those tasks work bad then feel free to open bug report.
    Thank you very much!