#867 terminal lilyterm isn't known

libfm (242)
Jean Dumas

With PCManFM 1.2.0, when trying to setup a new terminal emulator I get the following warning:

(pcmanfm:19227): WARNING : terminal lilyterm isn't known, consider report it to LibFM developers

Why don't you allow the user to specify its own terminal? I mean, I understand that features such as "leave terminal window open after execution" (I don't see where this option is btw) wouldn't work because of different command line arguments. But there is like a thousands different terimal emulators out there, so at the very least the user should be able to specify its own cli arguments (that what the "advanced" option tab is there for right?).

Also, I tried to give the value x-terminal-emulator -d %s to the terminal option, but even with that lilyterm opens to the default home instead of the current directory.

Can you please think of a way to improve this mechanism without it becoming to mush of a pain in the ass?


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  • Glad to hear it works now. Thank you. I close the ticket then. :)

    But it is a bit strange that you had to run make install-pkgconfigDATA, it should have been installed by make install run - latter one a is meta target which includes both recursive things and install-pkgconfigDATA, and make install-strip also runs make install but with few additional variables.

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