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#837 Aborting choosing an application for unkown files results in an error message

libfm (236)

This happens on PCManFM 1.2.0. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open PCManFM.
  2. Open an unknown file.
  3. On the opened subwindow "Choose Application" click on Cancel.
  4. A subwindow with the following error message appears: "No default application is set for MIME type application/octet-stream".

This triggers also another bug: After clicking on OK of the error window or on clicking of OK on the subwindow "Choose Application" a selection area appears in the directory even if the left mouse button is not pressed. Also I'm noticing on switching to another application (like Firefox to report this bug) while the error message was still showing causes a weird window order (from top to bottom): PCManFM (error window); Firefox; PCManFM (directory). But in my opinion this would be correct: Firefox; PCManFM (error window); PCManFM (directory).


  • Thank you very much for reporting this. I hope your issue is completely fixed lately in GIT repository. Check it when possible, please.
    About your selection area it should be reported as another report, and someone did it in request #861, it will be fixed eventually too.
    About window order - the error window was placed above other windows intentionally, for two reasons: 1) to be easily noticed by user; 2) to avoid bug in Openbox which caused error window to appear behind some other window (that was reported few times).

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