#833 Icons in lower part of the desktop

pcmanfm (102)
David J. López

I'm using lxde with openbox in a wetab tablet with 64 bits archlinux with a top bar and lots of launchers in the desktop; see 'good' image with pcmanfm 1.1.2

When updating to pcmanfm 1.2.0 from the arch's repo the desktop icons can't be in the lower part of the desktop. I try to put them in the right place in ~/.config/pcmanfm/LXDE/desktop-items-0.conf but icons always lift up; see 'bad' image with pcmanfm 1.2.0

I've found the reason in the top bar working as a dock. The reserved space of the bar (50px in my case) disallows the icons to use the lower 50px of the desktop instead of the upper 50px of the desktop.

Obviously problem solves using bottom bar instead of top bar, but I

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  • Thank you very much for reporting that issue. I hope it is completely fixed lately in the GIT repository. Check it when possible, please.