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#817 Damaged mountpoint isn't shown

libfm (270)

I'm using PCManFM 1.1.2 and I wanted to make some tests with ntfs-3g and mounted a ntfs partition and then killed the mount.ntfs process. This caused some weird behavior on the /mnt directory. For example ls does still show the directory but it noticed that something is wrong:

root@ubuntu:/# ls -a
ls: cannot access mnt: Transport endpoint is not connected
. .. bin boot dev etc home initrd.img lib lib32 lib64 libx32 lost+found media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var virtualbox vmlinuz wine

But PCManFM isn't showing the directory anymore.


    • priority: 5 --> 4
    • milestone: --> 1.2
    • labels: --> libfm
  • Thank you very much for the bugreport. Just to clarify the issue: does PCManFM not show mnt in the root (/) folder at all? It probably should show it as a damaged file, not as a directory.

  • Sworddragon

    Even after refreshing / it is not shown as directory and not as a file. Typing mnt in the search field will not select anything.

  • Well, after some code inspection I think this was done intentionally - instead of creating non-functional file which you anyway cannot do anything with, it will be just not shown. It is probably the best for most of users. I can discuss it with all other LXDE community if you wish.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> lstranger
  • Sworddragon

    Hiding such files can lead to several problems for example if you want to create this one. Are there many cases such files are hidden this way? if not I don't think that showing such a damaged file would make troubles to other users.

  • Your description looks fair enough.
    We hope this issue is completely fixed in the Git repository recently.
    Check it out when it's possible for you and if the bug still exists then reopen the report, please.
    Thank you very much.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Sworddragon

    I have tested this now with PCManFM 1.2.0 and such file objects are still not shown.

  • Sworddragon

    I have retested this with PCManFM 1.2.2 and the bug exists there too.