#802 Following a directory on "inner" renaming

libfm (249)

I'm using PCManFM 1.1.2 and it is possible to rename a directory while being in it (right click on an empty place -> Rename). But doing so will immediately close the tab because the directory doesn't exist anymore. I think if a directory gets renamed this way PCManFM should follow it instead of closing the tab.


  • I believe this is a bug, not feature request. Thank you very much for reporting it.

    • milestone: --> 1.2
    • labels: --> libfm
  • Sworddragon

    Does this also mean that a directory should be followed in general on renaming? For example if tab 1 is on ~/tmp and tab 2 is renaming ~/tmp to ~/tmp2 tab 1 gets closed too.

  • Well, it is not always possible to follow up the changes in general and I'm not sure if it is possible in case when parent directory was renamed but in cases when that is possible we should follow the folder we are in, not close the tab.

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    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Unfortunately GLib does not send notifications when folder itself is renamed, it informs that folder is deleted instead. And due to async operations on folders any dirty hacks on this may lead to race conditions so unfortunately I cannot anyhow help but only disable "inner" renaming. I'm sorry.