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#787 Entering a folder using double-click activates drag & drop

libfm (236)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Double-click an arbitrary folder and do not release the mouse button thereafter.
2. While keeping the mouse button pressed, move the mouse.

A drag & drop operation with the parent directory as source is started
Expected result:
No draw & drop operation should be initiated


    • milestone: --> 2334032
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  • That is not exclusive PCManFM problem, it is how GTK handles this situation.
    Latest GIT sources of LibFM contain a workaround on it - instead of drag and drop that mouse movement with a pressed button will start area selection. That is more obvious and would not create problems which drag and drop could create. The workaround works in all view modes but Detailed List mode - that mode is more dependent on GTK so cannot get a similar workaround in its current implementation.
    Test it, please, if changed behavior is satisfyable for you now.
    Thank you very much.

  • kla

    Thank you for the workaround, however after testing the new pcmanfm version I have to admit that I find the new behaviour not much better than the old one. How do other GTK-based file managers deal with this?

  • Other GTK-based file managers?
    Thunar - starts drag&drop.
    Sunflower - starts drag&drop.
    emelFM2 - starts drag&drop.
    ROX-filer - has only single-click mode.
    Tux Commander - does not support drag&drop.
    Double Commander GTK version - does nothing.
    Well, Nautilus does nothing, but Nautilus isn't really GTK file manager, most of its code is based on own library which supersedes GTK widgets so it's behavior isn't relevant. Since Double Commander has both GTK and Qt versions and it has very own interface I believe the folder view is also own widget therefore irrelevant as well.

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    • milestone: 2334032 --> 1.3
  • Well, I should admit this should be workarounded more deeply but that means a lot of work. Let make it in the next version then. Thank you very much.

    • status: open --> open-later