#743 following crash pcmanfm will not restart as normal user

libfm (281)

pcmanfm 1.1.0 & libfm 1.1.0 build from source in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
While moving up and down some Bookmarks pcmanfm crashed. Afterwards I couldn't have it starts again as a normal user. I tried to remove it, re-install, to remove its .config/pcmanfm folder ... to no avail. I have seen this happened to other users like in PCLinuxOS http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,108963.45.html. They reported a newer version corrected the bug. However not in my case. I have even installed the daily build for Lubuntu @ https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/lubuntu-daily and still pcmanfm hangs (no specific message in the terminal) when launched as a normal user ( I have to kill the process since there no progress) and it starts immediately if launched as super user ...
I guess the bug mentionned with bookmarks is still there.
Prior to the incident PCManFM was always working fine.


  • This is very interesting. I would like to see permissions (output of ls -lR command) and contents of files and directories:
    That would hopefully let me reproduce the issue. Thank you very much for the report.

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  • Even better would be 'ls -laR' to see directories itself.

    • milestone: 3172103 --> 1.2
  • I still wait your responce. Thank you.

    • status: open --> pending