#730 deleting icons deletes contents also!!!

pcmanfm (116)

I got the shock of my life when I tried to delete the icons showing on my desktop and it not only deleted the icons, but the contents those icons pointed at! Usually, deleting an icon only deletes the abstract graphical "pointer" or link appearing on the desktop, not what it points at. For example, if I delete a Virtualbox-generated icon for a VM, it just removes that icon; it does NOT remove the VM the icon points at for goodness sake!

I've not seen this sort of behavior in a desktop manager before, but then again, I am not truly a "world traveler" in that regard. I've used other popular desktops such as lxde, kde, gnome, fxce, and so on with thunar, dolphin, etc and never had this happen to me. Luckily, I have backups, but this is aggravating and frigtening.

I understand why this happens; the designer decided this was ideal behavior for whatever reason. It is not common, however, and very inconsistent with other desktop environments. It doesn't even matter WHY it happens, what matters is what the user experiences. This needs correction urgently, IMHO. If you disagree, please at least add a stern warning to the user, at least the first time they try to delete an icon, so they can back out before their files are destroyed.


  • You are wrong, I'm sorry. The things on your desktop are never "just icons" - they are real files describing something (they may be links for example or special files that tell what to run and what icon to show). And when you delete something you delete the real file. Usually when your desktop shows content of ~/Desktop you delete files there.
    I believe your issue was because you've removed your Desktop directory and your desktop was set to your home directory. If that was the case in any other environment then you would get the same behavior.
    I'll try to take the steps to avoid setting desktop to the home directory in version 1.2. Thank you very much.

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  • Bozonius

    There seems to be some disagreement on what the behavior should be. I use command line a lot, so I tend to manipulate files using shell commands. Only occasionally do I use FMs for this, so it is possible that other FMs work similarly. The problem is just that I did not get any warning indicating that I was destroying actual contents, at least for the first time I deleted files. I think you have to agree that at least that much is generally the protocol.

    I appreciate your fixing this problem, whatever classification of issue you may believe it to be.

  • This issue should be handled in 1.2.0-beta0 version of libfm and you should never get your home directory as desktop folder, and also dropping files on desktop got default behavior to create link (or shortcut), not moving them to desktop folder. Test it, please, when it's possible for you. Note that you should recompile pcmanfm to use new version of libfm.
    Thank you very much.

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