#710 no way to empty trash from top menu

libfm (244)
Luca Cappelletti

as in subject...
I'm usin single button mouse and I cannot find eny item that let me empty trash from the menu...

Please add the feature...
right click is an hidden feature and should be enforced with direct map into the menu


    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • milestone: 3086046 --> 1.2
  • Thank you very much for reporting this.
    Creating context-related menu items in the main menu is complicated and cannot be implemented so easily without big strike on performance which is undesirable.
    The desired effect may be done though in folder context menu which is available by pressing 'Menu' or 'Shift+F10'. The issue is that it doesn't contain 'Empty Trash' entry when trash folder is currently opened. I hope it will be fixed in next release (1.2) of libfm.

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  • This issue should be handled in 1.2.0-beta0 version of libfm using 'Menu' key. I'm afraid there is no simple way to add it into main menu. Test it, please, when it's possible for you. Note that you should recompile pcmanfm to use new version of libfm.
    Thank uou very much.