#709 "Manage the desktop" option removed

pcmanfm (107)
Andrew McNabb

In the past, pcmanfm had a "Manage the desktop and show file icons" option, but this seems to have been removed some time in the last year or two. Google searching reveals a number of threads about this issue, so I think I'm not the only user who appreciates being able to disable icons on the desktop. This is particularly true now that GNOME 3 has gotten a lot of people used to empty desktops. Would you please consider adding this option back in?


  • I believe it's your misunderstanding. Open a terminal emulator and enter 'man pcmanfm', you'll find there an option '--desktop' which starts desktop management with all icons. The option '--desktop-off'' disables desktop management.
    The intermediate option (manage desktop wallpapers but not use desktop otherwise) is considered for next release of PCManFM (i.e. 1.2).
    Thank you very much.

    • status: open --> closed-invalid