#699 obex:// support missing in 1.1.0

libfm (281)

With the upgrade of PCManFM 0.9.10 => 1.1.0 I lost the ability to connect to my phone via BT using obex://[Bluetooth-MAC]. I use Opensuse 12.2.


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  • The pcmanfm (libfm) never supported obex:// and similar things. All support is done via GVFS. It seems for me as if you've upgraded GVFS as well and newer version lost (or changed) such support. Check that, please. Thank you very much.

  • Frank

    I did not upgraded any gvfs related package. It's still in version (1.12.3), that initially worked with PCManFM 0.9.10.

  • I could explore this problem at last and I hope the issue is completely fixed by latest commit into GIT, at least it works fine now for me. The fix will be included into coming bugfix version 1.1.1. Thank you very much.

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  • Frank

    Still not fixed in newest git version. I compiled libfm with options "--enable-debug" and "--enable-demo" and ran libfm-demo obex://[my device] and I get error message saying "Nieprawidłowa specyfikacja montowania" (Invalid mounting specification) and second message: "Podane położenie nie jest zamontowane" (Given location is not mounted). Nothing else in the console.

  • I'm afraid that something else is involved. In my case (when I got to comp with BT onboard) it wasn't available without blueman applet running and as soon it was there - the phone was discovered and shown in sidebar, so it could be opened from sidebar but not from path bar. What I've fixed was incorrect handling of URI if it was entered in path bar or from commandline.

    Does it work on your system via any other file manager (Nautilus, Dolphin)?

  • Frank

    I can't say about other file managers, because I have only lxde + pcmanfm. Transfer to phone works perfect in commandline via obexftp as soon it's paired in Blueman. The phone doesn't show in sidebar.

  • In fact, I tested it again. Updated libfm on the machine with BT adapter first. Starting a fresh session with blueman autostarted, I've got no phone connected or even visible in sidebar, of course. But as soon I've entered obex://[....]/ in the path bar, I've got waiting cursor and after few seconds - wow, I see it mounted in sidebar and contents are shown in the view. So I should say it works. That machine runs Lubuntu 12.04 with libfm/pcmanfm replaced with latest 1.1 version sources. I don't know what could be wrong in your setup. :(

  • Frank

    Thank you for testing. There's probably something wrong with my distro's packaging - I use Opensuse 12.2. Seems to be the only explanation.

  • If you find any more details how I can help you, then reopen the report, please.
    Thank you very much.

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