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#672 Error: No such file or directory

pcmanfm (100)

PCManFM/LibFM: 1.1.0
OS: Arch Linux x86_64

Generally PCManFM handles most things well, but I'm having some significant problems with other software, namely Calibre as well as yWriter (in wine). I checked the error windows using xwininfo and they were found to belong to PCManFM, not the software itself. Both these programs give me a dialog reading 'Error: No such file or directory.' for completing various tasks-- I have seen a report saying the same program functioned perfectly well in other DEs such as GNOME or KDE @, but I'm not prepared to install the whole of GNOME or KDE to test this.

Steps to reproduce:
1a. Use Calibre E-Book Reader to open a PDF format ebook or other filetype set for external viewing.
1b. Or; Use Calibre to "Open Containing Folder" on any ebook.
2. Confirm error message occurs.
3. Use "xwininfo -all" to demonstrate PID of error window belongs to PCManFM.
4. Confirm functionality on other DEs or with other file managers.


  • Anonymous

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

  • Anonymous

    Actually a newer git build of PCManFM provides better debug info on the error messages (like actually stating the false path) allowing me to see what is likely a syntax issue on Calibre/yWriter's side, probably because PCManFM is strict on path naming. I'll reopen the bug if PCManFM really is at fault, but I think it's probably not the issue here, it's just what's complaining.


  • Anonymous

    From the backtrace, all the problems happened outside the code of libfm/pcmanfm.
    With the informabion, we cannot find out the cause of the problem.
    The backtrace unfortunately did not contain useful clues to fix the bug. :-(