#669 Better 'delete' dialogue.

libfm (248)
Sérgio Cipolla

Current 'delete' dialogue in pcmanfm is very poor as we can only have an idea about what's being deleted by the status bar. Recently libfm added the option to define the auto_selection_delay which is very good as before we could easily select something accidentally when in single-click mode.

I suggest to base a new delete dialogue on Thunar's:

It doesn't need to be so verbose but just have two different dialogues, one if it's a single file (show the file name) and if it's more than one (show how many files).


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    • milestone: --> 1.2
  • That ubuntu bug wasn't really against this and is fixed in GIT already but have the name shown would help to avoid mentioned problem, it's why I consider this one a bug.

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  • This issue should be handled in 1.2.0-beta0 version of libfm. Test it, please, when it's possible for you. Note that you should recompile pcmanfm to use new version of libfm.
    Thank uou very much.