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LSS and TSS Interface Names

The JConnector Mapping to LSS and TSS v1 0 document provides PCEHR JConnetor web services mapping to LSS and TSS publication.

The mapping also provides logical group, description of the web services and also WSDL operation names.

Posted by pcehr_JConnector 2012-02-12 Labels: LSS TSS

Mutual Authentication SSL implementation

B2B web services require Mutual authentication from the client before consuming any services.

1. The client is provided with the trust certificates (RootCA and Intermediate) signed by a certificate authority. This forms the trust store for the client.
+. The client is also provided with the NASH certificate as part of the keystore. This can be of the instance JKS or PKCS (.12) file.
3. The .cer files provided to the client from the server is imported into its trust store.
The keytool command can be used to import the certs.
The command to import : keytool -import -alias ca -file somecert.cer -keystore cacerts –storepass changeit .
changeit is the default password ... read more

Posted by pcehr_JConnector 2012-01-18 Labels: SSL Authentication