Odd Shape Surface Mount Pad...


  • Anonymous

    ^.^ So. Yeah. I'm a bit of a newbie but none the less I've got a bit of an ambitious project…

    Found PCB to be by far the best free package to use offhand. And kinda like its interface.

    Anyway, I need a surface mount to have… an odd shape. Ive got the 440 pins down, they're easy, just straight 1.45mm lines altered to be square. That's no problem.

    Then. Then I got to this: http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/3509/smdificulty.jpg
    The circle btw. Is an unplated hole… Suggestions on how to handle that would be appriciated too. I could probobly figure that out…

    But the rectangle with an arch cut out of it? I could do it in autocad reeeeeealy easy(Then again, who wants to do a PCB in Autocad? Seriously?). PCB? No clue. Hence why I'm asking.

    This needs to be part of a surface mount package by the way.

    A little info on the board, its gona be a 4-layer with the inner layers being ground and power. Signal on both external layers.

    *chuckles* Hopefully this can be done in PCB without too much difficulty. Rest of the board shouldn't be too bad.

  • DJ Delorie
    DJ Delorie

    Your best bet is to allow yourself to draw that pad without curves, but instead as three overlapping rectangles (left side, top, bottom).  Give each pad the same name and number and pcb does the right thing.  The tiny difference shouldn't matter.  The hole can be done, just toggle the hole flag.


  • Anonymous

    Alright. Was kinda along the lines of what I figured I would end up doing, but didn't feel sure about it just on my own.

    XD Why in the devil did they put such a weird shape in. Seems like alot of trouble for very little benefit…

    Ah well, thanks.