Future direction of PCB?? GTK and/or Xaw??

John Bass
  • John Bass
    John Bass

    The current sources pretty clearly suggest that the Xaw version of the project is completely dead, as no attempt was made to preserve a common code base during the GTK2 port.

    Is this the actual intent and policy?

    • Mike Ditto
      Mike Ditto

      At the very least, the Project Info page should be
      udpated to say "All POSIX OSes with GTK2.4 or later,"
      and the configure script should be modified to report
      a fatal error when GTK2.4 isn't available.  I wasted a
      fair amount of time fiddling with half-documented
      configure options and searching the manual before
      finding README-GTK_PORT in the CVS repository
      (not in the 20050609 source download package),
      which says that non-GTK builds aren't possible any