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PBNJ 2.02 Release

This is the release for LinuxWorld 2006.

The PBNJ 2.0 is completely different from PBNJ 1.0. The most drastic change is that PBNJ 2.0 stores the information from a scan in database. It also has queries that can extract the information that is most useful to the user. When the user wants to extract information, PBNJ extracts the information into a Perl data structure, so there can be multiple output methods such as tab, csv and html. PBNJ 2.0 can also accept input from Nmap in XML format. This allows PBNJ to be more flexbile than version 1.0.... read more

Posted by Josh Abraham 2006-08-16

PBNJ 1.14 Release

This release will probably be the last release for the 1.0 branch. I am working to finalise the 2.0 which is due on sometime this August.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


The Changelog is as follows:
CHANGLOG for 1.14
* fixed bug that crashed PBNJ after scanning a machine with no ports open
* fixed --nodiff banner bug
* Added --delim option to allow custom delimination
--delim <tab> [ default set to comma ]
* quick install script for ubuntu and linux systems
* Makefile.PL setup which will install pbnj properly... read more

Posted by Josh Abraham 2006-05-21

PBNJ 1.12 Release

PBNJ now works with nmap 3.95

Also, PBNJ will be included in BackTrack, the upcoming version of Auditor.



Posted by Josh Abraham 2005-12-20

PBNJ 1.10 Release

CHANGLOG for 1.10
* added --iplist-scan which takes a list of ip's for the scan.
* added example to false positives
* added better description of parseDiff
* for loop open files
* requires MIME::Lite only if you are going to send email
* added --email-type that include three options.
diff only emails the diff
alldata emails the output csv file
both emails both of the options above
* working to try to fix nodiff bug
* incorporated mailing output CSV file
* various small changes including fixing typos and cleaning up subroute args

Posted by Josh Abraham 2005-12-01

Pbnj 1.0 Initial Release

This is the official release of pbnj. I have spent a while on building this security tool which makes scanning and monitoring computers running various services easier. If you have any suggestion on how I can make this tool more useful, please let me know. I will be happy to include features that I find will make pbnj better.

Josh Abraham ( jabra@ccs.neu.edu)

Posted by Josh Abraham 2005-11-16