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still coding :)

i just discovered that i have 20+ visits per day in some magical way. Probablhy for search engine related reasons.

My house is still running on the current plexus framework. However, this project has been more like a proof of concept so far.

In the mean time i've been thinking about a serious version of this franmework and the possible application than can be create dwith it.

I actually created a draft for the new framework, which is still in progress. ... read more

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2008-04-13

working on greatest MP3/radio box in the world :)

I'm currently working on an remote and IRC-bot controlled mp3/radio player! it also has an LCD display and a webinterface. Contrary to other mp3box-projects, this one is designed to have multiple userinterface at the same time. (eg remotecontrol/ircbot/web/lcddisplay/gtk etc..) Furthermore it has a very clear and maintainable codebases and a modulair architecture, by using pleXus. This way it is possible to write new plugins for it in any programming language availible.

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2003-05-14

Updated documentation

I've updated the documentation to represent the latest changes I made in CVS. The diagrams have been updated and are very clear now. (check the howto!) PAUS is out of beta now, i will create a new release soon.

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2002-09-18

MP3/DVD/DIVX support with mplayer.

I've created a new universal module (mod_pipe) to pipe events to other programs by means of stdout/stdin. This way it's possible to control many programs with paus like mplayer in -slave mode or mpg123, or xmms.
(look at the mplayerbox script for an example)

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2002-06-27

Version 1.0 beta is ready!

Today the first beta release of PAUS is completed. I updated the docs and a lot of other stuff. I hope everything works, and that it's usefull to someone! (let me know if it is :-)
Look at for a live demo of my own house!!

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2002-05-10

Adding support for CARACA or others?

Currently i'm determining if there are other usefull projects that paus should interact with. Like:

Let me know if you know something :)

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2002-01-29

should be working now!

I've committed the latest changes to CVS. Read the howto.html in the doc directory for installation instructions.
(I will update the "site" later :-)

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2002-01-25

i'm working on it :)

currently i'm setting up the basic framework and protocol specifications.
if you want to help or something, mail

Posted by Edwin Eefting 2001-12-14