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Pathfinder Enterprise Migration Toolkit / News: Recent posts

Pathfinder 2 released!

There is a new download available for the second version of the Pathfinder Enterprise Migration Toolkit. It offers more extensibility options since the Eclipse Extension Point technology has been introduced.

Find out more about the new features at http://path-finder.org

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Posted by Taubenfeld 2007-09-21

Coming up next...

... is the second version of the Patfinder Enterprise Migration Toolkit and its first milestone release (2.0 M1).

We are still working on the Extension Points, an Eclipse Technology, that will allow you to implement and use your own adapters and connectors without having to build your own custom Pathfinder Edition. Along with that, some system specific Extensions will be made available that customers will be charged for.... read more

Posted by Taubenfeld 2007-07-09

Updated Version 1.2.2 available

Well, we did not plan to release further 1.x versions as we are working to get our first version 2 milestone release online, but we used this updated version in a project and felt it might help others if we released this as the mentioned 1.2.2 release.

We did some improvements to the Mapping Modeller's UI and added a so called 'Virtual Link'. Download it and try it out... hopefully, we'll be able to update the online documentation in the next days, too.... read more

Posted by Taubenfeld 2007-05-14