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PataPata 0.2.04 released

PataPata is a live Python object environment of Prototypes and Morphs (inspired by Squeak and Self). This version unifies Swing and TK world files to use the identical code file and adds the beginnings of a Smalltalk parser.

Posted by Paul Fernhout 2006-08-20

PataPata 0.2.01 released

Adds Image and ImageWithCursor,
also adds new dandelion garden example.
Some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Paul Fernhout 2006-07-04

PataPata 0.2.00 released

PataPata is about prototype-based programming in Python for educational simulations, inspired by Squeak and Self. This release's major change is using Python metaclass functionality to store prototypes in files using the "class" statement.

Posted by Paul Fernhout 2006-07-03