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#282 v3.17 my pc crashed now the db safe combo is corrupt

Louie Soria

I can not longer access my PasswordSafe 3.17 db. when I put i the password it says "Incorrect passkey, not a PasswordSafe database, or a corrupt database."

I don't have a backup of this file. do you know how to recover form this. My boss keeps telling me to stop using free software like this but i think Sorceforge is a good team.


Louie Soria


  • DrK

    Your boss is wrong. Paid software, shareware or freeware can all suffer file corruption when a PC crashes - it is the user's fault if they do not keep backups! I assume you have haven't backed up all your other important files - documents, spreadsheets etc. etc.!!!!

    PasswordSafe may have automatically kept a backup. If so, it will be in the same directory as the database and will have the same name as the database but an extension of "bak" or "ibak". If there, the first thing you MUST do is take a copy of them and put them somewhere safe.

    These backups are just old copies of the database and you should be able to open them directly using PasswordSafe. If you can open them, do a SaveAs to save with a different name and the standard extension 'psafe3'.

    One thing to check is their file size - if zero - there is nothing there! V3.17 is quite old as we are now on 3.24.1.

    Good luck because, if not there, there is nothing anyone can do!