#229 Doesn't get focus when restoring from task bar


I open a 'safe' and leave it till it automatically minimises to the task bar. If I click on the task bar for PWS, the task bar button closes but PWS does not get focus. If PWS was under other apps, it is very hard to get to! But, if I right click on the task bar button and select restore, it restores with focus correctly. I don't have 'always on top' selected. Other than this, PWS is an excellent app. :-)


  • Mike Frerichs
    Mike Frerichs

    I've been having this problem through at least the last couple versions also (I don't know exactly when it started) and it's very annoying. In addition to what Les said, I find that merely minimizing the applications that are in front of Password Safe is not enough to allow me to reenter my master password. Even though Password Safe will appear to have focus (Title bar is bright blue) typing will not put anything in the password box. You first have to click on the box to REALLY give it focus. Then it works.

    Password Safe is a GREAT program that I generally love. However it always seems to have some basic Windows functionality bugs that detract from its status as a world-class app. I wish some of the basic stuff like this, and the fact that it can't remember a default database (reported a couple versions ago), would take precedence over adding more wonderful new options.

    Win XP SP3
    PS 3.23


  • Anonymous

    I have these and a similar related problem and hence I am adding to this support request. Here are the steps to reproduce my problem.
    1. In the Misc Tab set your hot key to anything you like. I have set mine to Ctrl + 8.
    2. In the System Tab check the option to "Put icon in System Tray".
    3. In the System Tab check the option to "Hide System Tray icon".
    4. In the Security Tab check the option to "Lock password database after 1 minutes of idle time.
    5. Let password safe idle and disappear from the screen.
    6. Try your hot key. I use Ctrl + 8.

    I expect that password safe at this point would challenge me to enter my master password and then restore the app. But nothing happens.


  • Anonymous

    It seems that this bug has been fixed in 3.24.01

  • Mike Frerichs
    Mike Frerichs

    Only part of it has been fixed. The PWS login window does, now, pop up in front of other applications when I click on the PWS task on the taskbar. However, despite the login window having focus and the cursor being in the password box, I still can't type my password until I mouse-click in the password box.

    In other words, I have to click on the task to bring up the password window, AND THEN click in the password box before it will let me type my password -- one more step than I should have to do, especially since the cursor is already in the password box.

    PWS 3.24.01
    Keep PWS on top
    Lock PWS after 5 minutes idle