PasswordSafe 3.0 Beta1 released

After quite a lot of work, PasswordSafe 3.0 is ready for its first public release.

Password Safe is a password database utility. Users can keep their passwords securely encrypted on their computers. A single Safe Combination unlocks them all.

This new version has some nice new features:
- Entry creation time is now stored.
- URL and Autotype moved from Notes to their own fields.
- System Tray icon now indicated if database is locked or not.
- System Tray menu now has a list of recently used entries - a convenient shortcut to common entries. - Add and Edit dialog box now have "simple" and "detailed" modes.
- Database format is changed to use newer encryption algorithm (Twofish replaces Blowfish). Also, the integrity of the database is now checked.

The release may be downloaded from here:

SHA-1 checksums:
eaa08576f5a9b449bc6d20ac1a98db0964dab9b0 pwsafe-3.0Beta1.exe
7c247d8209c04d3e26bfc9040bd6a6442f53fcea *

Note that this release also includes PGP/GPG signature files of the
respective packages. These were signed with my SourceForge account key,
keyid FA175557, key fingerprint = FF77 379D D46D DAA6 6182 B452 1D79 5A91
FA17 5557, available from a PGP keyserver near you (such as



P.S. - This is a BETA release. If you need a reliable version for storing passwords securely and conveniently, you should use PasswordSafe 2.16.

Posted by Rony Shapiro 2006-03-09