src/core/core.h is auto-generated, same as src/ui/windows/resource*.h, which don't have (or need, as I understand it) copyright notices.
I've added notices to the other two.



On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 9:32 AM, Bill Blough <devel@blough.us> wrote:


I'm currently working on packaging Password Safe for inclusion in
Debian.  As part of this process, I'm documenting the copyright and
licensing information for the files that will be distributed.

Some of the files appear to be under licenses other than Artistic 2.0,
and some of them don't have license/copyright documentation at all.
Since there is a mix of licenses in the code base, it's not prudent for
me to simply assume that anything that isn't labeled is automatically
under Artistic 2.0.

For some of these files, I can simply exclude them from distribution,
because they're non-essential.  However there are a few that are
definitely needed, so excluding them isn't possible.

As such, would it be possible to get copyright and license clarification
for the following files, and perhaps get the relevant information added to
the files themselves?

The files are:


That would be enough to get me past the current issue.

However, if there's interest in a more detailed list of the files that
deviate from Artistic 2.0, I would be happy to provide the information I have.

Thanks in advance,

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