It's been a while but packages for the above have finally been built and uploaded. The packages are built for Debian 6.05 and Ubuntu 12.04, both on 32 bit architectures (*).
The deb files can be downloaded from

Thanks to sauravg, mniklas and pm_kan for their help on this version.

This release fixes quite a bit of the issues reported for 0.7, as well as implementing some of the newer features of the Windows version, notable named password policies.

SHA1 hashes:
c09ef8a985977a2b435b1895b9c13fd6bdb39d7e  passwordsafe-ubuntu-0.8BETA.i686.deb
c384e195239ab8bdb1c40ea2d804901f84bf20f7  pwsafe-0.8BETA-src.tgz
d4b0a0295b020e45867835b45847e3bae60466a7  passwordsafe-debian-0.8BETA.i686.deb



(*) 64 bit versions compile and work, but have not yet been packaged due to resource constraints.