I have created a new directory "Translation Tools for Windows (MFC) Version" that can be found in the Files area of the PasswordSafe Project in SourceForge.  It can be found at:

Within this directory are:
There is also a zipped file of the "Base DLL" used as input to the process.

Whereas the document, scripts and programs are unlikely to change very often, if at all, the Base DLL will change whenever we add, change or delete a dialog, menu or message string within PasswordSafe.  For this reason, the zip file containing this Base DLL has been named "" meaning it is the version corresponding to PasswordSafe V3.25.1 at revision 4096.  Whenever a developer changes a dialog, menu or string (note: not all updates/revisions to PasswordSafe will do this!), then a new zipped Base DLL should be added to this file area, although if it is part of a major development effort, this might not be done until that is complete.

PasswordSafe only insists that the major and minor versions of the application and the resource-only Language DLL agree (in this case '3' and '25') and so you should be able to check any of your changes with a released version of PasswordSafe, although some new features may not be visible.  In future, we may be able to also add the corresponding release build of the PasswordSafe application.

If we do not add the Base DLL or corresponding application for every change, we will certainly do so before any formal release so that you can download them to effect your translation changes in time for that release.

It is hoped that this area will help you in the translation of this application and see the results of them quickly in your own environment without having to wait for a developer to generate the resource-only Language DLL and send it back to you for you to verify.