Thanks to Paul for both his code and his efforts to release this as Open Source to the community.


As PasswordSafe is released under a different Open Source License than GPLv2, I've decided not to add it under the main pwsafe project.

Instead, I've set up a public Git repository with the code at https://github.com/ronys/pypwsafe. I'll be happy to host any discussion of Paul's project on this mailing list, at least until the traffic justifies a split into separate lists :-)






From: Paulson McIntyre [mailto:paulson_mcintyre@symantec.com]
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 9:08 PM
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Subject: [Passwordsafe-devel] Python Library For Password Safe




A pure-Python library that can read and write Password Safe v3 files has been released under the GPLv2 by Symantec. Attached is a copy of the latest code.


I’d like to either host this as a “sub-project” out of the Password Safe project or create a new SourceForge/Google Code project for this library. Thoughts?


There are a few known issues:


1)      HMAC validation fails with some recent versions of Password Safe. I suspect this is an issue with the support for bug 1812081.

2)      Some of the more recent record properties aren’t supported

3)      Lack of documentation


I intend to update the library to correct these issues as time allows.


I can be reached with any thoughts, ideas, or concerns via paul at gpmidi net.


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