#366 Extra passwords needed


More sites need additional passwords, shared secrets, etc.

To support these, add additional, optional, password entry boxes and corresponding \p1, \p2, \p3, etc to Autotype, leaving \p = \p1 for backwards compatibility.

Alternatively, add \n1, \n2, \n3, etc. to Autotype to output line 1, line 2, line 3, etc. from the notes data.


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    Why not just enter them as literal text in your AutoType field? I have done this on several sites, and the data have always been static elements, so the password was really the only volatile element that needed its own field.

    The AutoType field ends up looking like this:

    This is a fairly obscure use that does not warrant extension of the DB structure and additional clutter in the UI, in my opinion.

  • myir6

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    Thanks for you input, Tom,

    I have been using literal text as you suggest for some time, hence the reason for requesting an improvement. The current program makes the use of the password generation feature none-optimal. The user has to cut and paste any secondary generated passwords from the Password field box to the Auto Type field. The format of this Auto Type field leads to user errors due to bad replacement of previous variables, especially when secondary passwords are random and regularly changed. Also, the generated password being pasted into the Auto Type field could contain an Auto Type "..." command. This I consider to be possibly a more important need for the change.

    My suggestion was to replace any frequently modified literal variable, currently stored in the Auto Type field, with a fixed calling symbol (\p1, \p2, etc.) and so move all variable input to a similar place to other variable fields.

    It will also makes the database structure more logical, with variables limited to their own fields and not stored within a field used for another purpose, e.g. within the fixed Auto Type parameter field.

    I disagree on the obscurity of the problem. Nearly all of my stored records used for financial sites and an increasing number for some types of commercial site are now containing more than one "password", whatever it may be called.

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    I would suggest that we only consider doing the alternate suggestion, i.e. add notation to autotype to get lines from the notes data. We should, however, AVOID using "\n#" since that collides with "\n" which (to any C/C++ programmer) means "newline"!! Recommend using something like \L1, \L2.
    -- johnb_atl

  • DrK

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    Rather than add additional password fields (a major overhaul), why not add extra entries in the same group with slightly different user name e.g.


    etc. etc.


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