#104 Minimize to the System Tray

Rony Shapiro
Paul Ray Wilson

I have a suggested interface improvement, once started
it would be nice if the application could be minimized
to the system tray with the "Lock on minimize"
functionality still working.

This is a great application. I use "REAL" passwords and
now I'm not limited to the 3 or 4 that I can remember.
:) age is a wonderful thing. :) I use it all the time,
keep up the good work.

I would not be opposed to shareware pricing on this
software. Just as an FYI.


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    This would be great. You could take a look at:


    I've used it before on MFC apps (although it also works with
    SDK apps) and it seems to work pretty well. Some other
    SourceForge projects seem to use it, too.

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    Minimize to system tray is the only thing I would like added

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    Minimizing to system tray is about the only thing I see that
    this app doesnt have already.

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    I too would love this feature. I think it is the most important
    thing that could be added to this program.

    During the course of the day I use the program constantly
    and it is a pain to always have to open it and unlock it. I am
    too jealous of my task bar real estate to simply keep in
    minimized all day.

    If it could reside in the system tray and maybe even have a
    context menu with a list of entries it would save me a great
    deal of time.

  • Rony Shapiro
    Rony Shapiro

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    Will be impleemnted in 2.04

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    Thank you.

    Excelent Software!