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Firefox and Psafe 3.0

  • Mauricio

    Hi guys,

    I've been using Password safe during last year and basically I love it. Now I'm trying out the version 3.01. And found and odness that I want to comment.

    It's supposed that the new version
    -"Browse to URL now starts a new instance of the user's default browser rather than taking over an existing instance"

    Well, first, let me tell you that my default browser is firefox, not MS Explorer, but password safe insists in open the entries in the Explorer.
    (Yes, I alredy check my browser options :-)). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?. I checked, and recheck the options (both password safe and browsers) but found nothing wrong, nor an option to force password safe to use firefox (Altough it's my default browser)

    Now, OTHO I really found useful the old version that opens in the same instance. Since one can set up firefox to open it in a new tab these types of calling and that was just great.

    Is there any way to set this up as an option?. could this be consider a new feature or should I post this in the bug forum?

    Thanks in advance

    • David

      V3.01 works for me the way you seem to say you want.

      If I set IE as my default browser, "Browse to URL" starts a new instance of IE.

      If I set Firefox as my default browser, "Browse to URL" starts it if not running but starts a new tab if already running. Just what you say you wanted!

      Sorry - I can't reproduce your problem as, on my system [WinXP Pro SP2], it does what you want.

    • Mauricio


      Thanks you very much for you reply, I've just download a new 3.0.1(bin) not the exe and it worked fine. Don't know what was wrong with the other 3.0.1 (exe) that I had. But now it's working fine

      Thanks again