Corrupt Database

  • Brandon

    I've just encountered an issue where both my password safe main

    database and the backup file are giving me a "corrupt file" error, in

    spite of the fact that I've used these files successfully over the

    past few months and haven't actually modified the DBs in some time.

    Is there any way for me to have password safe cough up the result of

    decryption with my passphrase as opposed to generating an error, so I

    can see if I can manually recover my data from the output? Am hoping

    there's an easy flag or tool and that I don't have to do a full-on SVN

    checkout and troll through the code for this.

  • Rony Shapiro
    Rony Shapiro

    Hm. What version of pwsafe are you using?

    In any case, first thing I'd check is the size of the files. A couple of years
    ago we had an issue with files being truncated to zero bytes. If that's the
    case, there's not much to recover...

    As to recovering data manually, there's no such flag or tool. If you want help
    with the code, feel free to ask.


  • Brandon

    I was using a previous version (didn't write it down, which was an oversight
    on my part), and upgraded to the latest as my first step in attempting to
    resolve with no luck. My .psafe3 is 5K, my .ibak is 4K, so there's definitely
    data. Guess I'll be working through the code this week.