Editing Notes Externally Adds Blank Lines

  • wblumstengel

    I use the "!Edit Externally" feature of Password Safe to manage the content of
    the Notes field. Prior to v3.28, this has worked great for me. However, with
    v3.28, opening Notes in an external editor using the "!Edit Externally"
    feature causes a whole bunch of blank lines to be inserted between the
    existing lines of text. I've tried different text editors, and they all
    produce the same result (Notepad, Notepad++, UltraEdit).

  • DrK

    I can confirm that this is a bug in V3.28. Please raise a Bug Report via the
    Tracker menu above so that it can be assigned and tracked.

    Also, whilst looking at this to verify it, I notice that the text is truncated
    if it contains non-Latin characters.


  • Matt King
    Matt King

    If using notepad, when you return to pws, the line breaks are not respected.
    All the notes all become one long line even if line breaks are turned on.

    And, the keyboard focus is not set in the notes field when you close the
    editor; it is back in the group field.