Secondary Password Fields


  • Anonymous

    Many web pages now require secondary passwords ( aka challenge questions ).

    I now keep these in the notes area, but I then need to open the entry &
    select/copy/paste the text.

    I would like to configure additional password fields that I could copy/paste
    as items when I right-click on the entry.

    Thank you.

  • fernando

    One user's banking site employs "Enhanced Online Security" model.

    Login procedure consist of...

    Page 1: Enter username

    Page 2: Enter password

    Page 3: Confirm Picture and Word Key

    Page 4: Choose and answer one of three challenge questions

    The user created a base entry with all information and four aliases.

    Duplicating the base entry, then editing the password field to create the

    Each of the five entries has a unique autotype field.

    Using the base entry they perform a browse to URL then autotype (\u\t\n) the

    Using the first alias they autotype (\p\t\n) the password.

    Depending upon which of the three challenge questions presented the user
    chooses the appropriate answer is autotyped

    The user then chooses the entry to autotype (\o2\t\n , \o4\t\n , \o6\t\n) the
    answer to the presented challenge question.

  • Julie Rossberg
    Julie Rossberg

    I am slightly confused... This seems to be at least similar to my issue. My
    credit union asks for my username on one page, and on the next screen I can
    type my password if my security image matches. Can I get Passwordsafe to hit
    enter between entering the username and the password?

  • Rony Shapiro
    Rony Shapiro

    Sure. Look up autotype in the online help for the details. Note that you might
    want to add some delay between sending 'enter' and the rest of the data, to
    give time for your browser to load thew second page.