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Cant disable "lock password dbase ...

Dan Clark
  • Dan Clark
    Dan Clark

    I just installed the latest version Password Safe V3.23 (3582) on my Windows 7
    64 bit machine. It works well compared to a much older version I had. But I
    cant modify the security option lock password database after 5 minutes. It
    lets me change it but it doesn't stick after saving/closing. Reopening the
    options always shows lock password checked and time is 5 minutes. I cant
    disable it or bump the time to 120 minutes. This is very annoying and I will
    need to go back to an older version. Any ideas? I tried uninstalling and
    reinstalling. I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.

  • fernando

    v3.24.1 is latest version.

    In addition:

    Bugs fixed in 3.24

    PasswordSafe now remembers the selected entry on Lock After Idle.

  • Dan Clark
    Dan Clark

    I have the same problem with v3.24.1. It only retains the default setting of
    enabled with 5 min timeout. It allows me to change it but wont retain the
    changed values.

  • DrK

    This was fixed. I cannot reproduce this problem with V3.24.1 under Windows.

    Note: This preference is a database preference (see Help file for details of
    which are database preferences and which are stored in the configuration file)
    and is stored in the database header.

    You cannot change this value if the database is opened in read-only mode. Your
    changes to this value requires that the database is saved with the new value