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Start two instances and have different colors

  • I would like to start two instances at Win7 startup, each instance opening a
    different database.

    I'm having difficulty figuring out how to do this. I imagine I put the command
    line for each database into a text file with the extension .bat and find the
    location where Win7 puts the shortcuts for starting applications. Is this

    I've been trying to test such a batch file and the command line but with no
    success. Could someone provide an example and any other instructions that I
    will need?

    Also, ideally I would like the icon color schemes to be different so I can
    visually see which database is which without having to stop and hover. Is this


  • DrK

    The contents of your batch file (which should be a "command file" e.g. db.cmd
    not db.bat) should have one line:

    start "Database 1" /MIN "C:\Program Files\Password Safe\pwsafe.exe"
    "C:\Users\username\Documents\My Safes\Sample.psafe3"

    The first parameter of the start command is the mandatory title field,
    this is followed by a parameter that the command window is minimized (you
    won't see it appear), then the location of PasswordSafe (use quotes as above
    if the full path contains blanks) followed by the location of the database
    (again use quotes if the full path contains blanks).

    You would place a shortcut in your Startup directory to where you have saved
    this command file.

    At this time, icon colour schemes are per user per computer. There is no
    facility to set the colour according to the database name or location. In
    addtion, the icon colours we provide only apply when no database is open. When
    one is open, the the colours indicate whether it is locked (green for locked
    and safe, red for unlocked and unsafe).


  • I added the -s option and it does precisely what I wanted.

    Thank you David.